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Pride Entertainment Online is pleased to announce the re-launch of several of our most popular columns and feature sections during the next few weeks and months:

Ikons: will feature reviews, interviews, articles, etc. about people who have made their mark on GLTB culture;

Twenty Questions With… and Quik Chat are interview features whose subject matter are celebrities, entertainers authors etc. Sample.

Also returning are two popular columns.

The first is geared towards television fans. The Continuing Story subject matter is soap operas/serial dramas that are broadcast in primetime, daytime and the on the internet.

The second is for the booklover in each of us. The Book Nook is all about printed media. Some will be paper based others would come from the electronic media.

Over the next few months we will also be launching several new columns and features about food, politics and humour.

In Rob’s Kitchen will focus on the magic you can make in a kitchen – with reviews of cookbooks, appliances and tools, internet cooking sites, and of course Recipes!

In addition, in order to be a community resource as well, we will be reviving our section about our local GLTB communities. CommUNITY Central will feature a spotlight organization, community links, and articles that celebrate the diversity and activities of Long Island’s GLTB community and the GLTB community at large.

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