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Here is a small selection of past articles, interviews and reviews that have appeared on our website over the years.

One of my first interviews for the ‘Twenty Questions’ column was with Manhattan Transfer’s lead vocalist, Cheryl Bentyne. At the time she had released a solo album of love songs. Although it was the second interview I conducted, this interview was the one that appeared in the premiere issue of my magazine. You will also find included a review of the album mentioned in the interview. Click HERE to read.

A favorite column for many of our readers was ‘The Lavender Screen’ this column celebrated GLTB characters as portrayed on television and in film. The article you are about to read is about the first long-term trans character ever to appear in daytime. The show was ‘All My Children’; the character was ‘Zoe.’ She would appear in a storyline that would run for several months and would incorporate several subjects among them; the transition process, coming out as trans and transphobia. Click HERE to read

One of the ‘theme’ issues that we’ve published over the years celebrated an iconic musical film that has both stood the test of time and was a cultural influence among the GLTB and straight community alike. Among the articles ‘A Celebration of Oz: The Oz Issue’ was this article. Click HERE to read.

Another ‘theme’ issue that we’ve published over the years was our ‘Men of Fall’ issue. This two-covered issue featured interviews with out-of-the-closet entertainers Colton Ford and Ari Gold (Both appeared on the covers in a rotating carousel) theatre great, Michael Rupert and others. It also featured this reader favorite. Click HERE to read this feature.

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  1. Hello my name is Cameron and I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I like this website. Loved that Men of Fall article . U sure their all gay? Ur going to post more articles?

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