Pride Mix 2014: The Divas Take Their Turn

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Pride Dance 2014 Divas

 Notes About this Mix: If you would like the original versions of these songs they can be found online. Several of these tracks are available through I-Tunes, or through other websites. Happy Hunting!

Track List:

  • I Need A Man (Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix)-Grace Jones     BPM: 130.9
  •  Free [Mood II Swing Live Mix]-Ultra Naté   BPM: 125.0
  • Whenever There Is Love (Hot Tracks NRG Mix)-Donna Summer    BPM: 125.9
  • This Is My Life ’79 (Full-Length Disco Mix).mp3 Shirley Bassey  BPM: 127.0
  • I Want You to Need Me [Thunderpuss Radio Mix]-Celine Dion  BPM: 132.0
  • The Voice Within (Extended NRG Mix)-Christina Aquilera  BPM: 131.0
  • Born This Way (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)-Lady Gaga  BPM: 131.9
  • You Haven’t See The Last Of Me (Almighty Club Mix)-Cher  BPM: 132.0
  • True Colors (Pride Dance Mix Edit)-Cyndi Lauper  BPM: 128.4
  • A Deeper Love (C& C Hot Mix)-Aretha Franklin  BPM: 122.9
  • Alive-(Ultimix Club Mix)-Jennifer Lopez   BPM:126.0
  • I Am What I Am (Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix)-Gloria Gaynor  BPM:127.7

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