Submission Guidelines

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Basic Submission Guidelines:

  1. Pride Entertainment Online, due to the nature of its readership, does not intentionally promote those artists/entertainers or companies that are in any way homophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise biased against any GLTB individual or community member. We are an online publication that strives to promote products and companies that enhance and support the value of our lives not detract from them.
  2. All submissions must include biographical information about the artist/entertainer and a jpg image of the artist and/or the projects cover art. Please also include contact information for reaching the artist/entertainer or their representative.
  3. Sexually explicit or adult-themed products are not currently reviewed on/or for this website.
  4. If your submission is of a political or religious nature, we may choose not to publish a review of it, particularly if it violates Guideline #1.
  5. Submission of projects does not, in any way, guarantee the publication and/or the review, on this website, of said submission(s).
  6. Please remember that all submissions remain the property of Pride Entertainment Online and cannot be returned.

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